Cold. Brew. Coffee.

Super simple. Sooooo delicious.

This ain’t no Hot Coffee. This is Cold Brew Coffee. Refreshingly real. Really refreshing.

What’s it like? Deep, dark, delicious, unsweetened, refreshing, low-acid, kick-ass, Cold Brew Coffee.

What’s in it? Just like everything Kicking Horse Coffee, it’s made with 100% Fairtrade and Organic Coffee.

Super simple: roasted right in the Rocky Mountains then steeped in
cold filtered water for 20 hours. That's it.

Nuthin’ else. Nuthin’ needed.

Take your pick.

Two deep, dark & delicious blends to choose from.

Kick Ass

Smart Ass

Cold Brew Questions?

We’ve got answers!

  • Why Cold Brew?
  • Good for the moment.
  • Good for the magic.
  • Good for the wake up.
  • Good for the cool down.
  • Good to dream on.
  • Good to chill out.
  • Good to savour.
  • Good to go.

Where to buy?

Cool it. Right now.

Find a location near you: enter your Postal code.

Available in Canada 296 ml (10 oz) can

  • The Cold Brew Can-Do List:
  • Sip it.
  • Shoot it.
  • Chill it, on the rocks.
  • Add a little magic to the mix.
  • Add anything.
  • Any. Way. You. Like. It.

Things you should do with cold brew

Keep refrigerated. This coffee is pure and precious! Don’t let it get hot and bothered.

Drink it.
Then do.

Maybe share it. Just a bit. Or not. Coffee people will understand.