• We Make Coffee.
  • More specifically, we make coffee that kicks ass.
  • We’ve done so for over 20 years.
  • It’s exceptional tasting coffee,
  • which could be why we’re #1 in Canada.
  • Wake up with us.

Where are we? We're right in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Invermere, British Columbia.

  • 100% of our coffee is
  • 100% Certified Organic
  • 100% Certified Fairtrade
  • 100% of the time.

James Hector

Way back when, while exploring the Rocky Mountains, a horse kicked this guy in the head.

Legend says a Kick Ass cup of Jo brought him back to life.

There you go: Kicking Horse Coffee.


It’s not just our coffee that’s good. In 2018 we were named the Best Place To Work in Canada.