Cold Brew FAQ

Cold Brew: FAQ

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Our Cold Brew Coffee is made from 100% Organic and Fairtrade beans, roasted right in the Rocky Mountains then steeped for 20 hours in cold filtered water. That’s it.

Nuthin' else. Nuthin' needed.

The result? Deep, dark, delicious, black, unsweetened, refreshing, low-acid, kick-ass, low-calorie Cold Brew Coffee. In short, it's dark magic: in a can.

Sound dreamy? Sure is.

The difference between our Cold Brew Coffee and ‘hot coffee’ is that our Cold Brew possesses slightly more caffeine, less acidity, more body and is ready-to-drink (it’s in a can!).

Iced coffee is regular coffee, brewed hot and then cooled, typically by chilling or adding to ice. Cold Brew is brewed cold. Yup. Just like it sounds. There’s no heat. Just ground beans, steeped in cool water for 20 hours. This means more body, less acid, more caffeine and great taste!

Blends: Our Cold Brew blends use the same great Fairtrade & Organic beans we use for our packaged coffees, but in different proportions. Recipes are created specifically for the Cold Brew blends to maximize flavour.

Roasting: Our Cold Brew blends are all post-roast blends. That means we roast different batches of beans separately and then mix them. Mixing different degrees of roasting provides us with optimal flavour characteristics and unique blend complexity.

Grinding: We use a sophisticated grind size developed to ensure ideal extraction and filtering for the brewing process.

Brewing: After grinding, our beans are steeped in cold, filtered water for twenty (20) hours using a proprietary process. Yup, we think we figured out the best way.

Quality Assurance: Our Cold Brew is tested and analyzed for nutritional and caffeine content. All batches are pasteurized to ensure food safety and optimal shelf life (175 days from production). As a result, our Cold Brew must be kept refrigerated at all times. Keep it cool!

Cold Brew is good on the refrigerated shelf for 175 days from production.

  • Keeping it refrigerated provides a superior taste.
  • In order to maintain the best taste, our process only uses a pasteurization method. That means it stays high in taste, but low in acid content. And low acid content requires refrigeration in order to preserve quality. So, want great taste? Keep it cool!

If they've been processed differently from our cold brew, they may not have to be kept refrigerated. Our research indicates that our Cold Brew is best tasting when kept cool. Like other food kept in the fridge, keeping our Cold Brew cool means it's safe and fresh. In the interests of safety, we don't recommend drinking our cold brew if it has been left unrefrigerated.

Cold Brew Coffee has different taste profiles than hot coffee so the recipes/blends are slightly different, but they’ve been optimized so that a Kick Ass hot coffee lover should also love our Kick Ass Cold Brew. That said, a coffee drinker's cold and hot beverage preference might be different. All our cold and hot coffee beans are 100% Fairtrade and 100% Organic. The best way to discover a personal preference? Try it!

Cold Brew coffee has different taste profiles than hot coffee so the recipes/blends are slightly different, but they’ve been optimized so that a Smart Ass hot coffee lover should also love our Smart Ass Cold Brew. That said, a coffee drinker’s cold and hot beverage preference might be different. All our cold and hot coffee beans are 100% Fairtrade and 100% Organic.

Yes, 100% Organic & Fairtrade!

Nope. Not at the moment. Our beans are Kosher but our co-packer’s manufacturing facility isn’t Kosher.

Yes. The only ingredients are coffee and water, and coffee is gluten-free.

Kick Ass has 180mg of caffeine per can, and Smart Ass has 215mg. That's the straight-up, to-the-point answer. But since we like to chit-chat about our beans, we're going to hand out a little more than numbers. Smart Ass has a bit more pep than Kick Ass-- 35mg to be exact. Why the difference? Smart Ass packs a little more punch for two reasons. One, there are more ground beans in the Cold Brew mix. And two, Smart Ass is a medium roast which means the beans contain ever-so-slightly more caffeine than the dark roast beans used to brew Kick Ass. Read up on caffeine amounts per roast here. How much extra kick? Depends on body type and metabolism. Test it out, give 'em both a shot!

Cold Brew generally has more caffeine per mL than drip coffee. As mentioned, it all depends on how much coffee is in the water. Our Cold Brew has more caffeine per mL than the drip coffee we serve in our café. One 10 oz can of our Cold Brew has roughly the same amount of caffeine as a 16 oz cup of coffee served in our café.

Typically, there is more caffeine per mL in Cold Brew Coffee than in energy drinks. However, remember that when consuming caffeine one should also factor in volume consumed. Our Cold Brew can is 296 mL, an energy drink can be upwards of 500 mL, nearly twice as much product. In addition, there can many more stimulants in energy drinks besides caffeine. Our Cold Brew is super simple: just coffee and water. That's it, nothing else needed.

Interested in how much caffeine is in other products? Check out this site cataloging some U.S. beverages.:

Pre-roasted coffee beans are full of carbohydrates. Even though the beans lose most of their carb content when roasted, a little bit remains. In this case carbs are a good thing! They help to deliver the distinct aroma and flavour that distinguishes one coffee from another. The amount of carbohydrates (and their calories) depends both on the roast and the amount of grinds used to brew. Our Kick Ass and Smart Ass Cold Brew blends are made with slightly different amounts and different types of roasted ground coffee, hence the oh-so-slight variation in calories and carbs detailed on the label.

Any. Way. You. Like. It.

Our Cold Brew Coffee mixes well with others. Take something good and dark and mix it with something light and bright. It might be straight-up outta the can, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

Add ice. Add something creamy. Add something dreamy? Add something with a different kind of kick. Go on, dream up something good. Then do it.

Go on, give it a go. Recipes coming soon...

Nitrogen gives Cold Brew a creamy texture, and is typically found in cafés, on tap. Our Cold Brew Coffee does not have nitrogen in it.

Our Cold Brew cans are currently recyclable in all provinces.

In BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan there's a deposit charged at the time of purchase of our Cold Brew can. When the can is returned to a recycling facility, you get the deposit back. Thanks for recycling!

Find out where to buy our Cold Brew Coffee on our website. We’ll show the store nearest to you!